Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sous-vide egg, radicchio, carrot, thyme.

 There's something truly special about eggs on a Sunday morning. It evokes nostalgia. The perfume of bacon frying invites your hunger in stomach. But sadly, there was no bacon today. So instead, I compensated with a sous-vide egg. Sous-vide, french for under vacuum, is a term generally applied to cooking under vacuum at a constant temperature.  Accuracy is a huge benefit. Like your steak perfectly medium-rare? Cook it sous-vide and you will never be disappointed. Professional equipment is expensive and bulky but a pot of water and a thermometer works if monitored carefully.

Eggs were submerged in a 65 degree Celsius water bath for 1 hour. The temperature stayed unusually constant. The sous-vide magic is still on my wish list though.

Accompanying the eggs were some carrots cooked in butter briefly. Radicchio was wilted in butter then sugar and cassis vinegar deglazed the pan.

Toast was fried in olive oil and thyme was picked from the garden.
The eggs were cracked, revealing the fluid white, and the custard-like egg. The pan-fried toast was the base for the radicchio and egg. The sous-vide eggs really were something different. They were cooked but not cooked. the yolk melted, yet did not ooze or burst like a poached egg. It's texture was luxuriously velvety. The carrots retained their freshness but were coated in butter producing a delicate sweetness. The radicchio was delicious. Really awesome. Crunchy, warm, bitter, yet sweet from caramelization and the addition of a pinch of sugar. The radicchio was absolutely perfect with the egg. All I wanted was some cured meat! Speck would have fit beautifully into the dish. The radicchio is 100% worth doing again.

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