Saturday, April 16, 2011

Green Toronto Awards!

Last night, I was at the Green Toronto Awards. For my involvement in Greenest City, I was nominated along with the rest of the Youth Mentors for the Youth Leadership category. After school, on Mondays we spend our time to help run the Growing the Future program, where we teach youth how to cook, eat and grow food sustainably. We arrived at 5:15 and headed straight for the reception area. There was some hors d'oeuvre-ish nibbles to snack on and some spring rolls and chow mein. Basically, we just talked to some people there in different organizations and they congratulated us and said they would cheer for us.

That's me in the plaid shirt!
 After talking and eating, it was time for the awards to start! We headed to the stage at the back of the Direct Energy Centre and waiting for it to start. The MC's for the ceremony were from CP24 and The Toronto Star. Different presenters came on announce the winners. After half an hour, our category soon approached. There was a musical performance by Alyssa Reid half way through the presentations, which was very good, however the sound quality was terrible. At last, our award was next! The representatives of each of the nominees were allowed up and a brief video was played describing why we were nominated. I was really confident we would win, I thought there was no way we'd get our asses kicked...
The video finished and the presenter walked to the mic and announced; "and the winner of the Youth Leadership is..............(he shuffled the envelope and pulled out paper)....YOUTH MENTORS, Greenest City!."
All of us, being in the stands stood up and made our presence be known, we cheered and applauded ourselves for kicking ass.

The rest of the categories soon passed by and the ceremony was over. We took some pictures and got filmed by CP24, as we were the youth (and eco-friendly youth make good news on TV). It was AWESOME, we won 5,000 dollars to help continue our environmentally conscious work at Greenest City, and won recognition for our efforts. After, we hung around a bit took more pictures, and left to go home. Thank you to Emma for nominating us and the judges for selecting us to win! Altogether it was an awesome experience!
The trophy and certificate proving that we won!

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